Kim Bong Capentry Village

Kim Bong Capentry Village

Hoi An Excursion: The carpentry village of Kim Bong belongs to the Cam Kim commune, just on the other side of Hoi An river. Take a boat trip on Thu Bon River to visit Thanh Ha & Kim Bong handicraft Villages. It is very convenient for tourists to visit and collect souvenirs. With the reputation of Kim Bong carpentry, there were many carpenters organized by the King of the Nguyen dynasty in order to build Hue capital. Among them were awarded the nine and eight grades of mandarin positions, chief wooden statue positions etc.

It was famous for earthenware that sold in many provinces in Central Vietnam. Their work on the head of columns, rafters, pillars, altars, tables, chairs and beds are incredible and masterpieces that anyone would admire and give praise to when they see it. Most of the architectural projects in Hoi An ancient town were constructed by the village natives from the heyday of Hoi an as a commercial port. They were built by skillful carpenters and still valuable today.The technique of Kim Bong carpenters is exceptional.

The Kim Bong carpenters still keep their traditional alive. Carpentry Thanh Ha pottery villagers are doing the same work in the same way that their forefathers did in the past. In their clever and skillful hands, clay turn to pretty flower vases, tea pots, piggy banks, wine bottles, water jars, kettles, cooking pots or lovely birds, turtles, buffaloes, cats, ducks, etc. They also made and provided bricks, roof and floor bricks for old building in Hoi an and the surrounding areas as well as overseas markets. Besides that, Kim Bong carpenters had built big trade ships helping to exchange easily transport goods everywhere.

Moreover you will have the possibility to visit the shipbuilding area where wooden fishing vessels are built using traditional techniques. Nowadays many old buildings in Hoian need repairing and restoring and Thanh Ha villagers are the only trusted contractors that can provide standardized bricks, roof and floor bricks exactly like those during the time when Hoian port town prospered

Many of them turn to make fishing boats for fishermen all over Central Vietnam. Many are eager to repair and restore old building in town or made wooden statues, wood carved articles and traditional furniture to be sold and exported. The workshops today make hand crafted furniture and sculptures as well as a range of tempting souvenirs, some of which are exported a field as Europe and North America. It’s the beauty of Kim Bong Capentry Village.

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