Discover the best fresh seafood markets in Hoi An

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Coming to Hoi An – one of the ancient tourist attractions with sediments of time, tourists cannot ignore the attractive dishes typical of this land of Quang. Seafood is one of Hoi An’s famous specialties and seafood markets have become a unique cultural highlight. Let’s explore these the best seafood market in Hoi An in this post!

  The best fresh seafood market in Hoi An

1. Hoi An Market- hundred years of history

Located on the banks of the romantic Hoai River, Hoi An Market has long been a tourist destination not to be missed when visiting this ancient city.

With a variety of items, Hoi An market is willing to serve all the needs of tourists for food, fashion and souvenirs.

Hoi An Market used to be a very busy domestic and foreign trade place with a history of hundreds of years.

Up to now, the market still retains its unique design and features in trading activities of Central people.

The market is spread across the main street with hundreds of shopping, diverse cuisine.

The seafood area is located deep in the market with countless stalls serving tourists and local residents.

From the early morning, the fishing boats dock after a long fishing trip to the sea, bringing fresh fish and shrimp baskets that promise to bring an unforgettable taste.

Various types of seafood, from fish and shrimp to crabs, crabs, sea nibs, snails, clams, mussels and jellyfish are widely available at affordable prices.

2. Thanh Ha fish market – diversified fish and shrimp

Thanh Ha fish market is a bustling trading place serving the seafood needs of tourists and local residents.

Planning on Thanh Ha ward, this fish market is a suitable place for choosing fresh seafood. The market opens from 3 am with boats filled with fresh and fresh seafood.

To choose the freshest seafood, tourists should visit Thanh Ha fish market around 4-6 am because this is the time when the sellers have just finished setting up the counter.

Going along the main market axis, you will be surprised by the countless items available here, from snails to grouper, scallops – special dishes only appear in the menu of restaurants.

This is also a focal point specializing in supplying fresh seafood products to local eateries, food shops and local markets in the city. Hoi An.

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3. Market session- White night to explore items

Fair market is one of the most unique markets in Hoi An. The market is only held at night from 1 to 5 am with typical items such as Cam Nam sticky corn, Tra Que vegetables and rich fresh seafood.

Since a long time ago, the market was held next to the Cam Nam bridge with the sellers mostly women and the amount of goods for sale was not as diverse as other markets. But the fair is still an interesting place for tourists to choose to buy fresh seafood.

Discover the best fresh seafood markets in Hoi An

The types of seafood on sale here include fish, shrimp, crab, crab, mussels, clams, and jellyfish. The fresh fish trays taken from offshore fishing boats promise to become attractive dishes on the table.

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At this point, you absolutely do not need to worry about the price because the ladies and aunts rarely “cut prices” like other markets. The market is held at night, so you should pay attention to early to buy the freshest seafood.

Hope with the information about these the freshest fresh seafood Hoi An market In this article, you will choose a place to buy delicious seafood “in tune” to enjoy with relatives and friends!

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