Hoi An gourmet tea – Rich in flavor, rustic street spirit

trà mót hội an

Hoi An gourmet tea – The drink has a strange charm, radiating a mild fragrance on the corner of Tran Phu street. The tea pot is fragrant with the scent of lemongrass leaves, lemons and especially herbs. The number of people lined up was quite large, but everyone’s faces were radiant, waiting for the tea to heat up. This is the hottest sidewalk tea shop in the city.

A small beautiful tea shop nestled on a small corner of the city street

Where is Hoi An fish sauce? Located at number 150 Tran Phu, Hoi An near the Japanese bridge. Although it is not a monumental restaurant, with a splendid decoration, the game shop still attracts many visitors. Almost any visitor who crosses Tran Phu Street, stops by to wait to buy a cup of tea.

What is Hoi An fish sauce? What is broth? Perhaps many people still find it a bit strange with this drink. This is the type of water Made from Herbal Tea, Lemongrass and Lemon. But many people still call it Mo more.

Master Mu is talented and funny

Hoi An gourmet tea It is a unique sidewalk tea shop of a talented and funny master Mót is the name that people often call him at home.

9X boy whose real name is Nguyen Huu Xuan, once graduated from foreign language university, but because of his passion for herbal tea cups, he is “in love” with the beauty of Hoi An ancient town that he decided to open Mot tea shop.

Although just opened the shop for a short time, the images of the tea shop have strongly covered the photos of visitors. So, what makes the irresistible attraction of this seemingly very ordinary sidewalk tea shop? Recipe for Hoi An tea what ?

Hoi An pouring tea

A special feature of this tea shop is that all types of payment here are made from all natural ingredients, which are beneficial for health and selected by the owner with unique flavors, to mention. such as: Ginger, lemongrass, lemon, …

All are made from the 100-year-old traditional herbal remedy of An Thai Ong Thay Download – 100 Cuong De, has the effect of circulating blood, enhancing vitality, bringing abundant energy, for a day. go have fun.

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Because how to cook tea heirloom However, his tea shop always attracts a large number of tourists to come and enjoy the delicious tea, including many international tourists.

Recipe Hoi An sauce Besides the highlight of the special taste of the herbal tea cups, the warmth and fun of Master Mô also make customers fall in love with the shop.

Traveling to the ancient town of Hoi An, do not forget to visit the “unique” tea shop

Although it is just a street stall, anyone who just glides by must look back, because the space and layout is lovely, filled with the image of fresh flowers and leaves.

The cloud is decorated with all kinds of herbs such as: lemon, lemongrass, cinnamon, la Han, honeysuckle, … but each type is packed or placed in ceramic bowls bearing an ancient imprint. also look forward to enjoying.

In particular, images of lotus flowers and lotus buds appear a lot in the space, bringing the aroma to the small tea shop that even you are the most demanding guest, nodding and complimenting.

Lotus leaves and lotus petals are added to each guest cup of tea, making them look even more artistic.

Hoi An pouring tea

Take a sip of tea on your mouth, immediately the pleasant aroma of lemongrass makes you dispel all worries, the refreshing taste of lemon, dispel the feeling of fatigue and indispensable sweet apple apple like a caramel in the head. tongue, make you just want to sip forever.

Quan Hoi An pouring tea Not open all day but only in the middle of the afternoon, usually from 15:30 to 16:00, so there is always a warm oil lamp on the tea table, reminiscent of the old feeling in the old town.

Not ostentatious, not fussy or fancy but Hoi An pouring tea still impresses in the hearts of tourists coming here, it is the simplicity, warmth and friendliness like the scenery and people in Hoi An.

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With only 10,000 VND, you can enjoy a cup of “unique” herbal tea in Hoi An.

Not only delicious, but also cheap, right. Therefore, if you have a chance to set foot in this beautiful land, do not forget to visit Hoi An pouring tea, to meet the funny boss and taste some delicious tea!

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