Top 10 best snacking restaurants in Hoi An

ăn vặt hội an

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If you have determined to travel, then surely no tourist is not interested in the beauty as well as the delicious food of each locality. Recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1998, Hoi An ancient town is proud to be a tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists every year. Coming to Hoi An, you will admire the poetic old town space and enjoy delicious food here. The following is Top 10 shops The best Hoi An snacks voted by fans who love to travel, let’s review these restaurants.

1. Fried spring rolls number 1 – Hanoi Old Quarter

Do you wonder if that nostalgic ancient beauty of Hoi An will make you fall in love? But believe that the unforgettable taste of Fried Nem No. 1 in Hanoi Old Quarter with specialties from the famous spring rolls over 30 years in the capital, with unique secret will make you constantly rub when tasting.

Address : The shop is located at 28 Dao Duy Tu, Hoi An
Free delivery shop in the center of Hoi An City
Telephone: 0777 955 447
Business hours: 9:00 – 22:00 daily

Here you not only enjoy the food but also experience many interesting things!

Ideal space to bring comfort to customers

Because there is a combination of open pavement space and a little cozy inside, it is not difficult for you to find a comfortable corner for yourself. What could be better than sipping and enjoying delicious dishes while enjoying the nostalgic peace of the old town, right?

Hoi An snacking

The passionate taste brings unforgettable emotions

Not only bring delicious drinks at affordable prices but also help diners dispel the harsh heat of summer by their coolness. Of course, you can’t ignore the appeal of crispy fried spring rolls at the restaurant.

Hoi An snacking

But it will be flawed if you ignore the traditional sauce with a bit of the characteristic flavor on the tongue. In particular, when you enjoy the same passionate taste of lemon tea, it adds even more appeal to this dish.

Dedicated service is the restaurant’s top criterion

Besides these delicious snacks delicious with reasonable prices, the restaurant also gives customers a little cute by dedicated and enthusiastic service. Not only attentive delivery service, the shop also regularly pays tribute to customers by offering many discount promotions.

When you are looking for a place to calm your soul, do not hesitate to look for “Fried Nem No. 1 Hanoi Old Quarter”. With an open space and quality dishes with student prices, you will feel comfortable right away! So now, do you want to immediately experience the passionate taste of lemon tea and the dishes that you will remember here forever?

2. Phoenix Bread

Coming to Hoi An, you must visit a Phuong bread shop once. The bakery has a long tradition, the brand is printed on the bread wrap paper by the owner. Large loaves of bread, crispy crust, filled with fillings of cold meat, rolls, vegetables, cucumbers, floss, … make visitors as well as local people enjoy delicious bread and full stomach when hungry.

Hoi An phoenix bread

The loaf of bread is completed within 1-2 minutes, but in harmony with the green color of vegetables, pink, red, the ivory of meats, rolls, and a little brown sauce, it’s hard to refuse. Bite on the bread, feel the crispness of the bread crust that is always kept warm, the fillings are full, rich and the sauce is specially made, you will believe that there are dishes that only make you stop because you are full. not bored.

Address: 2B Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

3. Quang Hat Noodles

Noodles is a specialty dish created by the Quang people and is sold throughout the country. However, if you have come here, please take advantage of Quang Hat noodles to enjoy the original bowl of quang noodle with the flavor of Central Vietnam. The owner is funny, the shop is on the sidewalk but is extremely clean, spacious, suitable for backpackers.

quang hoi an

This Quang Hoi An noodle shop has recorded many visitors when coming to Hoi An. A small sidewalk shop located in Ben Bach Dang, Hoi An. When you first come to Hoi An, if you do not pay attention, you will probably find it difficult to discover Aunt Hat’s shop

Address: 4 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

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4. Ms. Nga tea

For sweet food lovers, you cannot ignore Ms. Nga’s tea bag. With only 10k you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Her tea has many types of tea for you to choose from, there are mixed tea, lotus seed tea, black bean tea, Tao Phao, corn tea, … you can eat hot or eat ice depending on your preference.

Address: 36 Bach Dang, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City.

5. Poker Milk Tea

Come to Hoi An, the banh beo can still relieve your addiction to milk tea with Si Tin milk tea. The restaurant is spacious and airy without worrying about rain, sun, and the quality of drinks is excellent. The menu is diverse, which can delight in topping options at a very chestnut price of only 15k onwards.

In the Quan, tea is collected from the own farms in Bao Loc – the famous tea territory of Vietnam. Therefore, the tea flavor here is concentratedly prepared, aromatic, mixed with enough milk to reconcile the bitter taste but not lose its characteristic aroma.

Address: 132 Tran Cao Van, Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An City.

Xem thêm danh sách các quán pizza Hội An ngon nhất

6. Baked Baked Wet Cake

This is one of the dishes Hoi An snacks extremely unique. Meat is skewered, grilled by embers, served with raw vegetables, cucumber and rolls. Especially the exclusive sauce, eat a piece in your mouth, you will feel the sum of all the spices of Vietnam, sour, spicy, sweet and bitter taste of vegetables.

Hoi An specialties

Address: Hai Ba Trung-Tran Hung Dao intersection, Hoi An city

7. Seafood A Okay

If you are tired of terrestrial dishes, please visit A ​​Then seafood restaurant to enjoy fresh seafood. When you come to Cua Dai beach, do not forget to bring your friends here to eat seafood. You will not be able to resist the smell of grilled squid, the smell of steamed crayfish, the plate of snails full of mounds, the fat crabs at A Then shop.

Address: Big door. Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

8. Dung- Cakes and rolls.

Suggestions Hoi An snacks tThe next thing that customers spread to each other was Ms. Dung’s cake shop and cake shop. Crispy fried bread with a price of 12k, customers visit often. The rolls here are also excellent with a rich dipping sauce.

Address: The intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Tran Cao Van, Hoi An City, Quang Nam

9. Tran Phu ferry.

Tau Pho is a long-standing dish of Vietnamese people and surely everyone has eaten it. But if you want to try the different flavor of the Vietnamese pho, you must visit Tran Phu street to eat a bowl of delicious pho. An additional note is that the pho here is completely different from other regions, the noodles served with rubbing (black jelly), white jelly and cooking sugar help warm customers’ stomach.

Address: 135 Tran Phu, P.Minh An, Hoi An City.

10. High Floor Green space.

One unique dish that finally wants to introduce to visitors planning to visit Hoi An is Cao Lau. The dish originated from the Chinese people, learned and processed by the people of Hoi An and sold all over the old town. Eating upstairs here, many young people rated it as “delicious armpits”, in addition there are other menus such as chicken noodle soup, mussel rice paper, …

Hoi An specialties

Address: 687 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An City.

Above are some places Hoi An snacks Famous and highly appreciated by tourists as well as locals, if you have the opportunity to come to Hoi An du hi, do not miss these restaurants.

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