Top 10+ restaurants with bean paste and shrimp sauce in Hoi An must definitely visit

bún đậu mắm tôm hội an

Vermicelli with shrimp paste and shrimp paste, although not a hot dish, is an item capable of “causing nostalgia”. Referring to the shrimp sauce noodle dish, we often think of the alleys of Hanoi. And Hoi An is no less, this is also considered as a popular dish that attracts and captures domestic and international tourists. One, two, three years… definitely fell a beat Hoi An shrimp fish sauce vermicelli already…

1. Vermicelli with bean curd, shrimp paste 2 Fat

Address: 447 Hai Ba Trung, Tan An, Hoi An, Quang Nam
Opening: 15am – 9pm
Price: 5,000 – 60,000

Traveling to Hoi An, suddenly craving the noodle dish with shrimp sauce, bean paste restaurant, stop at the restaurant with 2 Fat rice noodles with thick sauce. Heard this restaurant is delicious, the price is cheap again. But the truth is… it is like that everyone.

Noodles are arranged extremely attractive. Bite the fried bean paste that is crispy and melts gradually with the shrimp paste in the mouth. Enjoy and satisfy, so that the shrimp paste to soak up and stimulate the taste, this is really enjoyment.

Salty, spicy, and sweet are the words to describe when eating Vermicelli with shrimp paste of 2 Beo restaurant.

2. Berries, fish and shrimp noodle shop

Address: 71 Dao Duy Tu, Ward Cam Pho, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam
Opening: 14am – 10pm
Price: 10,000 – 60,000

The restaurant is quite good, delicious, clean, and reasonably priced. Whipping shrimp fish sauce up, a bowl of effervescent shrimp sauce radiates the aroma, begins to enjoy and swoon.

If you are a Northern child and suddenly crave a little taste of the homeland, visit the Bac Dau Bac Noodle Shop to suppress your stomach, overcome the gnawing nostalgia and discover special cuisine in Hoi An!

Hoi An shrimp fish sauce noodle soup is a combination of many colors that gives an impression at first sight. Pork ensures delicious softness, along with fried tofu with rich fat and firm noodles.

Raw vegetables served with cool bar increase the flavor of the dish. All the ingredients converge on one side, creating a popular dish that will delight visitors in Hoi An.

What’s so attractive in Hoi An shrimp fish sauce noodle dish?

Noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp in Da Nang or Hoi An also has its own charm that is no less than Hanoi vermicelli.

The dish is rustic, close to the people of the old town

Bun tofu with shrimp paste, a popular and familiar name, as close as the people of the old town. The name of the dish speaks to the harmony between vermicelli and shrimp paste.

An imposing Hoi An bean noodle dish includes: Crispy fried tofu, pork (if it’s pork, then all), fried spring rolls, sausage, pork belly and spring rolls. Vegetables served with perilla, oregano, a few slices of cucumber.

Enjoying a bowl of vermicelli is sure to be an enjoyable experience, a tasting indulgence.

The food is addictive

Why is Hoi An shrimp sauce & bean paste vermicelli causing nostalgia and addictive power?

First, to mention tofu: Tofu pieces are white, carefully selected, cut into bite-sized pieces, deep-fried so that both inside and outside are golden.

Next is the spring rolls – gift of young rice. Soft rice rolls, fried golden ripe in harmony with the aroma of “sticky rice”.

The pieces of fresh and delicious pork that are boiled are hot and smelly, so charming. And there is also the pig’s heart, profuse, and fried spring rolls.

However, the best part of the dish is not the chewy noodles, the tender meat pieces, the crispy beans. The perfect thing about the dish is shrimp paste.

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Not everyone can eat shrimp paste, but if you do, it’s just addiction.

Shrimp paste must be in accordance with Thanh Hoa fish sauce, pink in color, and fragrant without being strong. How to make rice noodles with shrimp paste tasty can not skip the fish sauce step.

The bowl of shrimp paste is sprinkled on a layer of yellow fat, you add a little sugar, cut the pieces of bright red chili, squeeze a few more pieces, then beat evenly. The bowl of shrimp sauce with fragrant waves is extremely attractive. And then let’s have a cup !!!

Hoi An shrimp fish sauce vermicelli

Heart dropped a beat when enjoying Hoi An shrimp fish sauce vermicelli

The dishes are presented on a simple basis, simple but extremely attractive. Sweet and sour spicy, all in the cup of shrimp paste.

The sour taste, the spicy taste of chopped chili pieces, the salty taste of fish sauce and the sweetness of sugar. Noodles with meat or dipping tofu… must say ecstatic. Better when served with vegetables, cucumbers, perilla …

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