Top 10 specialty dishes in Hoi An must try

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Although Hoi An Ancient Town is small, but the culinary culture is extremely rich and diverse, even if you visit all of the old town, you may not be able to experience all of Hoi An’s dishes. Today we will introduce to you the Top 10 dishes Cheapest Hoi An specialties let you try it

1. Hoi An chicken rice

Topping this list is Chicken Rice dish Hoi An specialties Only in Hoi An can you truly enjoy a genuine chicken rice dish

Rice cooked rice is a carefully selected sticky rice variety. After rinsing with water, rice cooked with chicken broth and pineapple leaves. The finished rice has natural yellow color, shiny color, smooth and evenly smooth, with every grain.

Hoi An specialties

Chicken meat is carefully selected to be soft but not soft, firm but not chewy, and its skin is thin and fragrant. After boiling, the chicken is shredded and then squeezed with onion, scallion, salt and pepper and coriander

The locations of delicious chicken rice shops in Hoi An for your reference such as Ba Buoi Chicken Rice, Ty Chicken Rice, Ga Xi Rice …

2. Hoi An high rise building

This is the most famous dish in Hoi An that is welcomed by many tourists, if you come here but have not tasted the famous Cao Lau dish, you will miss the opportunity to experience great Hoi An specialties this

The high-rise bowl is full, the fiber is light yellow, big, and when eaten, it feels chewy, soft and soft, the pieces of meat are sliced, thick, carefully made, rich and eaten very well.

Hoi An specialties

And the whole class of fresh, fragrant vegetables. They blend together and create a simple but harmonious overall taste, making you crave forever even after eating a bowl.

Famous Cao Lau shops – Green Space, Cao Lau Thanh, Cao Lau Lien, Cao Lau Ba Be

3. Baked cake – Stir-fried mussel

Baked cake – stir-fried mussels include two parts: beaten cake and stir-fried mussels. The batter consists of two layers of baking paper sandwiched with a wet layer in the middle.

Hoi An specialties

When enjoying, diners will feel the crispness, the mild sweet aroma of the wet cake, the salty taste of stir-fried mussels and the spicy, soft, chewy taste of the mussel, nodding because of its simplicity but extremely delicious. As bold as the love of people cooking, eating once and then remembering forever.

4. Quang Noodles

Wherever you go in Hoi An, you can also see Quang noodle shops, the steaming bowl of noodles, the spreading aroma awakens every taste.

The color of the freshly cooked shrimp creates an eye-catching red color, and the pork and chicken meat adds a few quail eggs, making the bowl of noodles more rich in taste.

quang hoi an

Especially the Frog Quang Noodle dish is a very famous specialty of Hoi An that has been rated by many tourists around the world as the best Hoi An specialties The current

Locations of delicious and cheap noodle shops like Quang Ba Minh Noodles, Quang Di Hat Noodles….

5. Hoi An pancakes

Pancakes are one of the famous delicious dishes of Hoi An in particular as well as of Vietnam in general, not only a delicacy favored by Vietnamese people, but also a delicious Hoi An culinary culture that is enjoyed by tourists. foreign love

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Hoi An pancakes

Pancakes have a crisp, thin outer crust that is fried in a clay pan over embers, inside is a layer made of beef, shrimp, bean sprouts.

A special feature that makes a delicious banh xeo is served with herbs, dipped in a bowl of sauce that is elaborately prepared according to the family’s traditional recipe.

Places to sell delicious pancakes such as Gieng Ba Le, Song Hoai – Co Anh

6. Bread

Hoi An bread Considered “the world’s best bread”, it is a street food that most visitors want to enjoy when traveling to Hoi An.

Bread just shows the rustic and simple, and shows the richness of sophistication Hoi An street specialties

Hoi An phoenix bread

Locations of the most famous bakery shops in Hoi An such as Co Phuong Banh Mi, Madam Khanh Bread, Co Lanh Bread

7. Wonton

Hoanh Thanh is a Chinese dish, has existed in Hoi An for a very long time and is considered as delicious Hoi An specialties in the Top 10 most famous Hoi An dishes

wonton church security

Wonton is processed by people in three forms: soup, fried and noodles and is used as a dish for visitors before eating the main dishes.

8. Hoi An Banh Bakes

Like all traditional Quang dishes, Hoi An water fern cake both keeps its authentic flavors but also has a bit of a slight break to suit the taste of visitors from all over the world.

Banh beo is everywhere in Hoi An, more than that is still the areas along the streets of Hoi such as: Cam Chau, Cam Nam … with simple, simple shops.

Hoi An duck cake

All are the perfect combination of color, flavor and taste. Hoi An water fern cake will make visitors eat one cup, then want to eat more.

With the irresistible attraction, many people have eaten more than a dozen cups and still do not feel bored.

Places to sell delicious banh beo like Mrs. My duck cake, Ms. Bay duck cake …

9. Wet cake rolled with grilled meat

The grilled meat rolls are delicious dishes originating from Hue, but in Hoi An this dish is one of the culinary list of Hoi An

The thin, smooth, white, wet leaves are filtered whole through a layer of sunlight that neatly curls up the plump, golden-brown, deep-winged roast of the fiery roast meat, the pure white color of the bean sprouts, the green color of vegetables.

Hoi An specialties

Flavor, fatty taste, cool, crunchy flavor … all blend with the rich flavor of the dipping sauce, the taste is smooth and smooth spreading from the tip of the tongue to the throat, lingering forever …

10. Corn Tea

Among Vietnamese tea dishes, corn tea is always one of the fresh tea dishes, with very good cooling effect. Corn tea originated from Hoi An, has been passed down for many generations and nowadays has become widely popular in all regions.

corn sweet soup

Corn is peeled, washed to drain, then use a knife to thin the corn seeds, bring the corn to fry and put in the pot to cook until the water in the pot boils, add the diameter, let the heat so that the corn can soak the sugar.

This is also the kind of tea that whether you eat it hot or iced, it will attract and attract you. Cheap Hoi An specialties that you guys should taste

With TOP 10 delicious and cheap Hoi An dishes that bring the characteristics of the old town, hopefully you will have more interesting culinary experiences in your discovery.

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