Affordable International Health Insurance Plans

Hi everyone, I'm Van Nguyen from Pacific Cross Vietnam. We provide health insurance for both locals and expats here in Vietnam.

☑️ worldwide coverage

☑️24/7 emergency evacuation, accident coverage

☑️ guaranteed renewability policy (some providers can simply stop your policy if you're considered too high risk)

☑️ extensive direct billing network for both inpatient and outpatient (cashless services, just show your insurance card)

☑️the only insurance company in Vietnam accepting electric VAT invoice, which makes claim procedure super easy and fast

☑️ reasonable price

Our insurance is suitable for international hospitals like Vinmec, French Hospital, Family Medical Practice etc. (we also do direct billing there)

👥 If you're interested and want to get more info, please just send me a PM me or contact at, I'd be glad to assist more

Affordable International Health Insurance Plans

With the rising costs of medical care, health insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself, your family and your business. By choosing Pacific Cross Vietnam you can take advantage of our 60 years’ experience providing health insurance to people who call Asia home and…

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