From 00:00 on September 5, the whole city will apply anti-epidemic procedures in the city following the Decision No. 3287 / QD-UBND dated September 4. of the Chairman of the City People's Committee until there is a new announcement, as follows:

Recommend people to limit leaving the house if not necessary. It is imperative to wear masks when leaving home, communicating, working, at public places, offices, schools, hospitals, production, business and service establishments, crowded places, on public vehicles …; requires frequent hand washing with soap or an antiseptic solution, keeping a safe distance from contact (minimum 1 meter); Not to gather more than 20 people in public places, outside of offices, schools, hospitals …

The following operations continue to be paused:

Festivities, religious ceremonies, beliefs, worship, sports tournaments, events… gather more than 20 people in public places, stadiums and major events are not necessary. Do not organize group meals and drinks (hospitality, joyous parties, parties, housewives …) gather more than 20 people, encourage people to organize simply, neatly, without crowds; Operation of non-essential business and service establishments in areas, entertainment spots, beauty facilities, karaoke, massage, bars, discos, cinemas, casinos, public internet services, video games; activities of tourism and travel services.
Activities of tourism and travel services. Only allowing accommodation activities to resume operation, suspend other services at hotels: activities of gymnastics, sports, fitness at gyms, yoga, billiards; indoor sports activities; sports and martial arts activities with direct contact; swimming activities.
Restaurants, shops, and food service are only allowed to sell goods to take-away customers, place orders and sell goods online, and deliver goods to customers. It is strictly forbidden to serve guests on the spot.
Public transportations are allowed to operate, however limit the customers to ½ of regular capacity
Still apply the procedures of going to the market every 3 days

Source: Baodanang
Translator: Ms Tien

Source: Da Nang News For Expats

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