Danang lockdown is going to an end.Total isolation did an am…

Danang lockdown is going to an end.
Total isolation did an amazing job, let see how the situation change from the begining. Insane! Danang lower the case to zero.
Compare to the peak on 8th to 13th August with over 20 cases perday, no more risk areas on our map at https://ilease.vn/covid19 because no new case in community within a week (7 days).
Danang did test 1/5 its population (242.000 people, including over 3,000 foreigners) from 20 August. Still isolating 1,700 people, recognized 12,000 F1 and 16,000 F2.
The heath care system is always working at over 100% of theire power. In total 394 cases, 234 cases recovered and only 128 still in treatment. 30 deaths, sadly, equal to 7.5% infected, mostly underlying disease patients.
Easing of social distance from 5th Sep depends on the result of tests of 60,000 family's representatives in Danang from this 3rd Sep. It's smart way to do because local Vietnamese living in family of 3-4 members, to save lot of time and tests.
Step by step, the beautiful city will be released from the total lockdown, some businesses will come back first and the rest will follow. Hopefully after 14 days no covid (+), Danang will fully open and we all can come back to safe life as always.

feeling peaceful.

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