Dear friends, my heart aches whenever I get bad news that so…

Dear friends, my heart aches whenever I get bad news that someone's dogs or cats got poisoned or ran over by vehicles…
I have two dogs and this is the way I protect my dogs from those dangers:
– anywhere they go, you should be watching them and knowing what they eat or what they do, always. Don't let them go out of your house without you watching over them. It's always better with a leach.
– Always be alert if your dogs bark at someone (dogs know it when they or you are in danger)
– Never think home is safe and let them wander around the house. Home is the most dangerous place for dogs as dog catchers always choose the houses with dogs to throw poison. They observe a few days before, then throw the poison and just wait until it happens. Trust what I say!!! Even when you bury your dogs, they follow and take the dog body up to sell.
– Dog catchers also put poison on roads or places where they know that dogs are taken to pee and poo. They don't put one but many pieces of poison around the corners so your dogs can't avoid!

I took a picture of a poison sample that looks similar to the poison your dogs may get. If you get a chance to see one like this, let your dogs smell it and train your dogs not to eat it. I did with my dogs, and they hate the smell.


1. Quickly find a tube. Connect one side to the faucet, put the other side deep in your dog's stomach through the throat. (I know it hurts but this is the only way to safe them; higher chance to live if the dogs have been fed with food before)
2. Start ASAP opening the faucet to allow water to their stomach, as you see their belly gets bigger, rub and push their belly to push the water out. You will see a lot of blood and dark things come out. If you do all this fast, your dogs might be saved. Always keep a tube inside your house in case! I couldn't save my dog 5 years ago just because I couldn't find a tube! So even when I put the dog's mouth right under the faucet, it's not enough. The water kept coming but I couldn't push it all out much. The tube will help a lot.

I know it's too long, but please share so everyone can learn a tip to save their dogs. Thanks

I need to find new homes for these cats, any good parents?

12 thoughts on “Dear friends, my heart aches whenever I get bad news that so…

  1. Aimee Kim says:

    Do not put a tube down your dogs throat. If you do not know the anatomy of a dog, you might be putting it in their lungs and drowning them. If you must give them something, give them activated charcoal and force your dog to vomit. Do not give them a tube.

  2. Jean Philippe Coudurier says:

    Hard to put tube and can damage throat . Make dog drink nuoc oxy. Always carry small bottle in moto or bag 10.000 vnd

  3. Myquyen Ho says:

    My parents saved their dogs that way, that why I though it would help. The poison is really strong that it will kill your dog in one minute! It will be a waste of time to take them to vet. After getting this poison, your dogs aren’t aware to drink or take any thing.
    How does PH help here, can you explain? If it’s a sure way to help, I think we can use PH rather than putting a tube in. Jean Philippe Coudurier

  4. Jean Philippe Coudurier says:

    Dog will not drink you have to put in his mouth and force to drink. When Nuoc oxy will go in stocmach .it will make foam and your dog will vomit . You have 5 /10 mn depend size of dog quantity eat and how long poison been under sun,… Then bring to vet to get injection for boosting white cell.

  5. Jean Philippe Coudurier says:

    Few advise :1) give him food before go around, 2)don’t allow him to eat things on floor (including at home ) always give in hand or in plate. 3)You can train dog to understand that and always 4) have eyes on him. 5) Take food with you when go around. Dog will remember it. For home dog must have food (hat) and water avalaible

  6. Hau N Tran says:

    I watched a video of Thailand that they use 5 to 7 Eggs (raw, without boil or cook) to fill into the dog’s mouth. Could save them

  7. Andy Anchovy says:

    Myquyen Ho – It’s not just better , Dogs should ALWAYS be walked on a leash.

    Do you own the mother cat?
    If so, you need to have her spayed.

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