#factcheck about the sept 5 openings….

#factcheck about the sept 5 openings.

Currently, information is being spread about from September 5, Da Nang will implement the social gap under Directive 19.

I do not know where this information came from, but as the ad found out, this is only expected, so far the city leaders as well as the Steering Committee for the prevention of covid-19 of the city have not. is there any official document on implementation of social gap under Directive 19 of the Prime Minister from 5/9.

However, it is the legitimate wish of everyone and the ad wants the same, but sharing unofficial information is easily misleading, causing people to neglect, subjectively, affect epidemic prevention. of the city.

The day of victory is near, please believe and obey absolutely the administration and prevention work of the city leaders.

Source: Tien Sa9 Đà Nẵng sẽ thực hiện giãn cách xã hội theo Chỉ thị 19.

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