Fee for immigration isolation from September 1From September…

Fee for immigration isolation from September 1

From September 1, fees will be collected for all entries to Vietnam in all quarantined places, with the cost of medical examination and treatment covered by the state budget.

The Government Office has just announced the conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the standing meeting of the Government on Covid-19 epidemic prevention.

Accordingly, by epidemic prevention with many solutions and social gap at appropriate scale, up to now, the epidemic has been well controlled on the national scale.
However, in the context of implementing dual goals, both preventing epidemics and promoting public investment, import-export, production to not delay and disrupt socio-economic activities, the Prime Minister asked not to and uphold the responsibility of the provincial chairman, proactively and flexibly decide on issues.
In which, together with organizing flights to welcome Vietnamese citizens back home, it is necessary to facilitate the entry of experts, investors and skilled workers; There are plans to ensure safety and appropriate isolation, review procedures, reduce intermediaries and time.

The Prime Minister agrees to allow senior personnel of Korean enterprises to enter, carry out short-term work as well as investors in need.

In particular, the Prime Minister emphasized the immediate handling of the reopening of commercial routes between Vietnam and Japan, the Republic of Korea and other places with high safety factors … first of all, to conduct a Vietnamese labor flight. go to work in Japan, Korea.
Agree to expand the implementation of quarantine accommodation establishments with fees, close supervision. From September 1, fees will be collected for all entries to Vietnam in all quarantined places, with the cost of medical examination and treatment covered by the state budget.
For the support of social security, the Prime Minister suggested studying and proposing the support package phase 2 to ensure favorable and strict conditions; Local authorities have necessary support for businesses, the poor, and affected social assistance beneficiaries.
Emphasizing that the epidemic is still permanent and there will be cases in the community, the Prime Minister asked to fight the epidemic for a long time and gradually formed a lifestyle, behaving appropriately such as continuing measures such as wearing a mask, often wash hands regularly, limit crowds of people, and sanction penalties for violations.
Actively respond to epidemic situations at clinics, hospitals, factories, factories; when a case occurs, the process of epidemic prevention must be immediately activated, fast zoning and epidemic suppression.
Accordingly, the presidents of the People's Committees of provinces and cities fully implement their responsibilities, actively apply measures flexibly, and promote responsibility for the heads. Not to stop or suspend the operation of production, business and service establishments when not needed, minimize negative impacts on socio-economic activities and people's life. Immigration should be strictly managed at the border, not allowed to enter illegally or to the right subject; In case of discovery, investigation and prosecution in accordance with regulations.


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