Hello everybody. Have a nice day!…

Hello everybody. Have a nice day!

For Sales.

We have some fruits from south of Viet Nam.
Guaranteed good quality, fresh, good price.
Just call or inbox to me.

Red Dragon fruit: 25.000 vnd/ 1kg

Orange: 2 sizes: 25.000 vnd/ 1kg (small)
35.000 vnd/ 1kg (big)

Sweet Green Tangerine: 25.000/ 1kg

Mango: 25.000 vnd/ 1kg

Passion fruit, lime: 25.000 vnd/ 1kg

Grapes : 65.000 vnd/ 1kg l

Pomegranate: 45.000 vnd/ 1kg

Grapefruit: 2 sizes:
Small one: 20.000 vnd/ one fruit
Big one: 25.000 vnd/ one fruit

Ship fee: 10.000 vnd ( Around center, An Thuong)

Thank you so much for read this one.
Happy and peace ✌️

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11 thoughts on “Hello everybody. Have a nice day!…

  1. Ellie Reeves says:

    I ordered dragonfruit, pomegranate and grapes today. The delivery was fast, the customer service great and fruit is delicious! Definitely recommend 🥰

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