Hello Wonderful people…

Hello Wonderful people 📷📷📷📷
I am Selling
Air Jordan Factory Seconds
Air Jordan 1 Edition
Air Jordan low cuts
Air Jordan Not for Resale Edition
Jordan 34
I have Ample amount of Pairs left and good news for the Expat Community, got some big sizes as well. The Shoes are not Damaged or Anything they are Brand New Shoes..
Kids, Adults , Ladies All Unisex Shoes Available
Sizes Available are from 36 to 46 yes 46 and my size is as well 46. So i can understand the pain in Getting Shoes In Siagon..
These Shoes are Unisex and got for Ladies as well. Choose yr Pair Carefully before your Oder. Shoes can be Exchanged for different Sizes.
So What are you waiting for ORDer now and Inbox me now. The prices for the shoes as bellow .
White Air Jordan : 3.5 Million VND At order only With Red Tick
Blue Jordan: 3 Million VND
Other Jordan : 1.6 Mill VND
Low Cuts : 1.6 Mill VND
Ladies . Kids : Jordan 1.6 mill VND
Jordan Not For Sale Edition : 3.3 Mill VND
Jordan 34 : 1.8 Mill VND
Got Loads order now…. Can be Delivered Around Saigon 📷📷

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