Hi there :)…

Hi there

Since lockdown, a small group of Expats and Locals have got together to raise and donate some essentials to the more vulnerable local people of Da Nang.

So far we have made 4 successful drop-offs (each Tuesday, in teams of 6) to checkpoints organised by some very kind and generous locals. The total raised so far has reached over 20m, which has gone a long way to help lots of families.

We have had plenty of people interested in helping, but we hope to raise even more and further help out the city that has been so good to us expats during the Covid-19 crisis. This is just the beginning…

Therefore, we are asking anyone who is interested in helping, whether through volunteering or donating, to like the page and keep track of opportunities for you to help.
Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions

Thanks to everyone that as helped out so far. You really are making a difference ❤️

Have a great day 👍

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