I realised something amazing today……

I realised something amazing today…
Thank god we are being protected here!🙏
I'm from America where MILLIONS are dying everyday.
Everyone knows COVID could overwhelm the medical system in Vietnam because this is a poor country.
So because this is a poor country, (instead of taking it case by case) they immediately locked down the whole economy (putting hundreds of thousands out of work) halted tourism nationally, prevented businesses from opening – Losing billions of $… and then proceeded to MEDICALLY TEST hundred of thousands who don't show any symptoms… All without any apparent strain on the medical system… 😍😍😍
It's phenomenal because today I realised that this was the first time i've EVER seen a government choose the health of their own people over $$$$
#isolate #Socialdistance #wearamask #stayinside #MyNeighborsAreScaredOfMe #GucciFaceSheild

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