I recorded this video today morning. I was having breakfast…

🔥👃☢️ I recorded this video today morning. I was having breakfast in a cafe when me and other customers suddenly felt this terrible smell of burned plastic. I followed the stink and found the source: backyard trash burning in the very center of Da Nang – in a quarter surrounded with hotels and restaurants. The foul smell covered the entire quarter (I could still smell it a few streets away). So this is it what locals do in the heart of a touristy quarter of Da Nang – sixth largest city in Vietnam. What a shame, what a disgrace to pollute local air like this. The customers in the cafe where I had breakfast were also disgusted with the smell. After recording this video I got a nasty headache. Do you think any reasonable tourist will come to Da Nang knowing that they might get poisoned with toxic fumes right in the city center? It is outrageous, it is unacceptable, it has to stop! Can someone notify the local authorities about this? If locals continue to burn garbage (construction leftovers) in their backyards, Western tourists will stop visiting Da Nang (no tourists = no money). While backyard trash burning is somehow justified on islands and in the countryside (lack of garbage disposal systems), it is absolutely unjustifiable in Da Nang which has such systems. Big thanks to locals for ruining my breakfast and my health. I'm leaving this city as soon as possible 😡🏃‍♂️, along with the money I could have spent here.

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