My article helps you to have the basics of sports injuries, their forms and manifestations, initial management and measures to prevent injuries.

I. Causes:
👉 Wrong start (time – volume – position)
👉 Weak health, poor physical strength – illness in the body
👉Injury many times
👉The technique is not good
👉Correction – training experience is still in its infancy
👉 Excessive exercise
👉Lack of protective gear – inappropriate exercise tools

II. Classification of injuries:

. Software injuries
Soft tissue injuries: tendons – muscles – ligaments with many different degrees can be caused by direct impact or over-stretched – twisting, contracting suddenly with different degrees such as stretching – tearing – rupture – crash …

More than 80% of sports injuries are soft (tendon, muscle, or ligament injuries). Soft tissue injuries are classified from degree 1 to degree 3, usually very slight stretches of tendons and ligaments, including:

* Grade 1: transient pain, does not affect normal activities, the injured area is not too swollen, bruised or just a lot of pain when exercising heavily, bearing great force, the number of bundles is torn 25% self-resolving after 1-2 weeks is properly treated according to RICE formula

* Grade 2-3, R.I.C.E can be used to relieve pain, but it is necessary to receive specialist treatment.
– Grade 2: local swelling, severe pain, limited muscle movement, partial loss of joint stability. Ligaments (tendons, muscles) are torn between 25% and 75% of the fibers.
– Grade 3: signs of grade II are greatly increased, muscle intermittent loss can be felt when touching under the skin, joints are swollen, unstable and possibly dislocated. Completely rupture of the muscle fibers or ligaments.

* Formula R.I.C.E

🔸 R (rest) – rest: Immediately stop training, competition, temporarily immobilize the injured limb for 24 – 72 hours with a brace.

Use a cold compress

🔸I (ice) – Cold compresses help reduce bleeding, reduce swelling, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, take 10-15 minutes, do not apply for too long, which can cause cold burns, possibly combined with compresses. How to do: puree ice or ice in a nylon bag, wrap a wet cloth outside, apply it to the affected area. "Ice massage" is a combination of cold compresses and compresses. The cold compress is done in the first 24-72 hours after the injury, the time to apply is 10-15 minutes, then rest for 30-45 minutes, can be repeated several times a day.
– For minor injuries, pain and swelling will decrease very quickly.
– For moderate pain injuries, swelling will decrease after 24 hours.
– For severe injuries, pain and swelling will decrease after 72 hours (intensive treatment is required afterwards).
– Cold compressing time depends on the damaged location and the body of each person (fat, sick).

🔸 C (compression) – compression bandage: Apply bandage to the injured area, help stop bleeding better, reduce swelling, swelling. The correct bandage is to wrap from 10-12cm below the injured area, up to 15-20cm across the injured area. Note: wide area band; The force of the dressing is moderate, should not be wrapped too tightly, will lead to gas (compression of the blood vessel, not supplying enough nutrients to the injured area), sometimes the dressing must be removed.

Compression bandage

sports injury
🔸 E (elevation – elevated arm or injured leg) Lifting injured limbs helps blood return to the heart better, reduces swelling and inflammation, especially for lower limbs, can be rested with legs 10 – 15cm in the first 24 – 72 hours.
Note: During the first 48 hours, do not apply hot compresses, massage hot oils, stretch the limbs or the affected area because it is easy to damage bruises – tears – cuts – increase, bleeding and swelling more, now Increased and prolonged inflammation causes the damaged tissue to heal or heal with bad scarring. Especially for ligaments, massage with oils can stimulate the formation of fibrous tissue (Fibro) for collagen fibers, leading to a decrease in the elasticity and firmness of the ligament, after healing the ligament becomes weak and vulnerable again.
– Conventional pain relievers can be used to help
– If after 24 – 72 hours the damage does not decrease much, or the initial damage is severe, it is necessary to see a Sports Medicine Doctor.

. Joint injury
That is the normal loss of correlation of the joint surface, the two surfaces are displaced from their normal position. The reason is due to the high impact force to tear, tear the joint and ligaments around the joint.

sports injury
* Expression:

– Severe pain after injury – "annoyed" or "cracked" sound can be heard
– Joint loss of mobility
– Deform: shy ax
– Spring sign
– There may also be bruising around the joint with many different degrees need to be examined by X-rays to determine

⛦ * Handling:

– A motionless bandage joint in a dislocated position (with a brace and elastic bandage)
Use a cold compress to relieve pain
– Move to the nearest specialized medical facility. Be careful not to manually manipulate or massage oil can cause a lot of hematoma in the sac -> cause stiffness or loose joints – or can cause fracture when manipulating

. Bone injury
A continuous loss of bone structure due to a strong force. Force can be suddenly strong leading to acute fracture. Or the force may be moderate but repetitive, leading to fatigue fracture (slow and long-lasting fractures).

* Emergency management of fractures:

– After injury: leave the practitioner in place – avoid immediate transportation -> shock injury
– Cut off clothing around the injured area
– Make a splint to fix the broken bone

Note: across 3 planes and over 2 joints (above and below) the injured area

– Transport to the nearest medical facility
– You can apply cold compresses around the broken bone to reduce pain and swelling
– It is very dangerous not to apply a pack of drugs -> to make prosthetic joints (not to heal bones), skin infections, osteomyelitis …

III. Injury prevention:
😍 Thoroughly warm up: increase in intensity and frequency and difficulty
😍Prepare physically well
😍Complete technique
😍 Be mentally prepared
😍 Don't exert yourself when you are overloaded

RECOMMENDATION: after every workout stretching and stretching is very important.
** @ Source Mr: Tony Ton

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