No Bicycles allowed !!!

No Bicycles allowed !!! — Whats the deal now. I rode my bike to the market in An Tuong, and get pulled over and harassed by the police truck . Saying cant exercise. Ok, im on my way to the market to pick up canned food. WTF. Its Aug 29 and now the fun police are in full force busting people for riding their bike to the market. I get questioned , tell them to call the market to verify, so harassing. Whats going on here ? Anyone on motorbikes or walking they did not harass. Dont they know a bike is a mode of transportation to get food as well WTF is going on here… Im pissed with this unneeded harassment , give me a break… The whole thing is getting old already.

13 thoughts on “No Bicycles allowed !!!

  1. Van Pham says:

    You may get misunderstood by the police whose English is not enough to understand clearly. Slow down and tell them as simply as you can. 😀😂😂😀

  2. Justin Douglas says:

    Damn. I have been to Lotte twice in the past few weeks and haven’t had a problem, nor have I even seen the police. What time did you go out? Did you have a shopping bag or otherwise obvious indicator that you were going out to shop?

  3. Akim Akimov says:

    Hm maybe if nearest future you’ll be not allowed to go outside in fitness shoes. Because it’s outfit for sport exercises 😁

  4. Jack Mush says:

    I see a lot of police today. I think they feel people are getting complacent, or maybe they are just bored af. If it was just one police maybe just ignore him and wait for him to call someone higher up, not worth the effort for him, as you are using the bike for a legit reason

  5. Armando Villarreal says:

    Sounds awful. Coming from the US I know how awful dealing with the police can be. I hope you weren’t too shaken up by it all.

  6. Jonah Charney says:

    If you don’t like it, go home 😂 I’m joking, but sometimes you have to pretend not to notice them. Don’t acknowledge what they’re saying. You don’t know English.

  7. Nguyen Hoai An says:

    lots of ppl excercise / cycle outdoor during the lock down so its just an missunderstood. take it easy and explain them. i got stopped few days ago n they were nice

  8. Bob Leitelt says:

    Some of the Barney Fife’s are gonna give you shit. Same as in any country, there’s always a few insecure, possibly incel, dudes who get a badge or uniform and feel it’s their responsibility to do extra. You just happened to run into one of them this time.

  9. Aimee Rai Baker says:

    I thought that everyone knew there was a virus going around Da Nang… do you not expect this? They are doing what they can to prevent the spread and it is just wiser to stay home. I’ve been using the lotte mart app and having everything delivered !

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