The magic from the fingers. It will make you detoxify your …

The magic from the fingers. It will make you detoxify your liver, kidneys, and rejuvenate your internal organs. 🌺Chinese experts say, take care of your body right when you are young and healthy with simple acupressure to maintain and detoxify. Never wait to get sick to worry.

Oriental medicine experts often say, make full use of the function of your finger before using the needle.

This is to emphasize that the first and foremost solution is prevention, not cure.

Not only that, with small fingers, you can massage the acupuncture points on the body everyday in a very simple way, but will bring great effects.

At any time of the day, if you have free hands, you can "prevent, examine and cure" yourself.

On the body there are dozens of acupuncture points, each of which has functions, tasks and connections with different internal organs.

With the increasing age, the functions of the organs of the body gradually degenerate, the immune system gradually decreases.

Therefore, the way that Oriental medicine experts instruct us is to take care of our body parts every day instead of waiting until sickness, disease outbreak.

Each acupuncture point is an organ that represents several parts of the body. If we know "take advantage" of the advantages of these acupuncture points, we can completely massage to fight aging, detoxify, and effectively prevent and cure diseases.

👉1. Spleen maintenance: Huyet Thuong stitched

The position of the Suture point is near just below the hollow in the ankle, you can see the illustration to determine the exact point.

When massaging this position, it will help make the blood flow from the spleen to the meridians and vice versa.

The most outstanding advantage is that it helps the body deal with bloating, bowel hangover, diarrhea, gastritis, enteritis, indigestion, constipation and other ailments.

Every day you should massage about 3-5 times, each 3 minutes, massage alternately for both legs. Press moderate intensity, when feeling numb, stop.

👉2. Kidney care: Huyet Dung tuyen

Dung grave is located at the lowest point on the body, between the soles of the feet in the front 1/3. See illustration for exact location.

This point is relatively sensitive, the intensity of the press should only be gentle enough, done about 5 minutes a day, especially effective in detoxifying the kidneys.

The most appropriate time for kidney detox is before 5-7 a.m. Therefore, if you want to prevent kidney diseases, you have to "take the trouble" to get up early, drink a glass of warm water and perform a massage immediately.

👉3. Lung treatment: Huyet Hop cup

The Huyet Coc hotspot is located between the hollow of the index finger and the thumb, also known as the Tiger Mouth.

You can use the way of knitting two index fingers and thumb of one hand into the other and then squeeze and press hard.

This acupuncture point massage has a very good analgesic effect, boosts metabolism, removes toxins in the lungs and other internal organs, and treats symptoms of dizziness and drowsiness.

People who smoke cigarettes or work in a hazardous environment have to "care and take care" of this acupuncture point every day.

👉4. Liver treatment: Thai pulse point

The Tai Chi point is located on the back of the foot at the position between the bone connecting the big toe and the second toe. See the picture on the picture to see the exact point.

This acupressure massage works best in detoxifying the liver, eliminating the fire that makes the body hot and burning, lowering blood pressure, those with a hot temper should regularly do this acupressure.

Use your finger to press acupressure for about 4 minutes with moderate enough pressure, until you feel a little pain, stop.

👉5. Heart care: Lack of cover

The Thieu acupuncture point is located on the hand line intersecting the little finger and the ring finger. See illustration for exact location.

When doing this acupressure should use a bit of force, alternating hands evenly in each press.

Thieu Phu acupuncture point belongs to the "capital of the mind lack of mind", regular massage has a very good effect in treating cardiovascular diseases such as irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia, angina and other cardiovascular diseases.

Oriental medicine experts have a view that the acupuncture point is the smallest point but has the best use, take advantage of it to detox and maintain internal organs.

Every day you spend a few minutes of acupressure persistence, the effect to your health will not be measured and very surprising.

👉 Schedule of "work" of the organs in the body

To learn how to best care for your body parts from the moment you are young and healthy, check out your organs' “schedule” and support them in their best performance.

From 21-23 hours is the detoxification time of the immune system (lympha), this time you should stay in quiet places, listen to music or sleep.
From 23 pm – 1 am is the detoxification time of the liver, at this time you are necessarily in a state of deep sleep.
From midnight to 4am is the time when the pancreas makes blood, so you must sleep deeply, do not stay up late.
From 1-3 am is the time of the detoxification of bile, at this time you need to be in a state of deep sleep.
From 3-5 am is the time to detoxify the lungs, so for someone with a cough, this is the most intense coughing time. affect the detoxification process.
From 5-7 am is the detox time of the colon, this is the best time for you to have a bowel movement, clean the colon to welcome a new day.
7-9am is the time when the small intestine absorbs a large amount of nutrients so should not skip breakfast. Patients should eat breakfast early before 6:30 am, healthy people should eat before 7:30.
People who often do not eat breakfast should change this habit, even if it is late at 9-10, they should still eat.

This is a process of maintenance and health maintenance of the 5 most important organs in the internal organs. If you want to have good health, take the time to perform massage and rest according to the "calendar" of the organs.

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