The wrong phone number!…

The wrong phone number!
"Dad! Come home quickly, I miss you so much! " I know someone called the wrong number because I don't have a daughter … "
One day, on my way home, the phone rang, I just picked up when I heard a young girl's voice from the other end of the line: “Dad, hurry home, I miss you very much. Father!". You know someone called the wrong number, because I don't have a daughter, but only a 6-year-old son. This is not surprising, I shook my head: "Wrong call!".
Say, I turned off the phone. But in the following days, the other phone number continued to call me, I started to get annoyed, so I refused to answer the phone.
That day, that number was called again and again, what surprised him was that while I was determined not to listen, the other phone number was still determined to call.
In the end, I answered the phone, still the voice of the other girl: “Daddy, hurry home, I miss you so much. Mom said I didn't call the wrong number, that's my dad's phone number. Dad, I am in pain! Mom said my dad was very busy so it was only me taking care of the baby, she was very tired. Daddy, I know you have a hard time, if you can't come back, can you give me a kiss on the phone once? ” Her innocent request made me have no way to refuse, I agreed, then I heard her interrupted voice: "I … thank you … dad, child … happy … happy, child … happy … happy … very … "
After receiving her father's kiss on the phone, the little girl left with a satisfied smile.
As I gradually became interested in this call my phone rang again, but the person who picked it up was not the girl last time, but the heavy voice of a woman:
"Sorry! These days bothered me a lot, really sorry! I planned to wait to finish everything and then call and apologize. She called him several times before, she was my daughter. She was very miserable. She was born with bone cancer. Not long after, her father passed away in a traffic accident. I really dare not tell her because every day she is subjected to the pain of chemotherapy. Every time he could not stand that pain, his mouth kept calling his father because he always encouraged him to overcome it strongly. I really couldn't see her like that so I came up with a phone number to lie to her … "
"So how's she doing now?" I hastily asked the woman.
"It was gone, I must have kissed it over the phone at that time because it left with a satisfied smile, before leaving, he still hugged the phone to his lap …"
I froze, not knowing what to say.
She helps people realize how important friendship is, helps people feel love, feel warmth. The world is very large but can not contain a call, the family is extremely small, but for her, it is a whole world. Because of her father's kiss, she passed away peacefully …
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