To be honest im sick and tired of hearing yall complain abou…

To be honest im sick and tired of hearing yall complain about lockdown and Covid tests.
I went into Danang General with Double Pnumonia and a collapsed lung. the night before my buisness grand opening so i missed it .
Then while in Danang General they refused to let me stay in my private room so i was away from everyone.Stuck me in a ward and gave me Covid. I spent a month in bed because of the machines i.was hooked up to shitting in a diaper .
Lost 20 kilos because i couldn’t eat and was starving to death .They couldn’t get my fever or pneumonia under control .finally they sent me to the Covid.Center which saved my life .
Ive been in isolation now for a total of.1 1/2 Months .Take a Covid test every day including swab up.the back.door.( ‘Didnt.have to do that did ya ) .
It can take 2 or 3 Months to show clear .
And my buisness are going hell too .
But im happy to be alive.
Grateful for the Doctors ,Nurses and staff here.
I started from scratch and with my awsome.l students and staff and partners we can do it AGAIN !
Be grateful your not in here .
Yall have it better than a lot of others .

feeling annoyed at Bệnh Viện Bệnh Nhiệt Đới.

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  1. Federico Faranda says:

    And by the way, this post should be seen by some “it’s just a flu” guy and “it’s only bad for old people” person that was here commenting yesterday.

  2. Baz Mattaz says:

    My brother in the U.K. is recovering from exactly that.

    I wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery.

    I don’t need to tell you, you are double high risk!! Don’t go dying on me! I only just met you, it would be rude 👍🤣

    Big love Sir 🙏😍

  3. Chris Bascom says:

    Keep fighting you got this, it will be over faster than you think! One day at a time. Its definitely not fun staying in the hospitals here.

  4. Thuy Anh says:

    get well soon, and i like your attitude, we should be blessed to be healthy and our families are safe, the others arent really important

  5. Derek Marshall says:

    New for 2020 – Covid diet plan! J/k. Great to see you are recovering well. With all this fear mongering I crapping it from a Covid test, yeah finally got it, cotton bud up the nose – nothing to it at all!. Going by some members in this group – there a plenty that have had a lot more up their rear end that a cotton bud!.

  6. Kanani says:

    I haven’t complained yet. But I’ll be more grateful after hearing this.
    Stay strong and hope to train soon in your business. 😊

  7. Herbie DaNang says:

    Double pneumonia with a collapsed lung is not something ordinary younger healthy people get in the community. Just a medical fact.

  8. John Gnoni says:

    Good on you! If you were not built as an mma instructor you would probably had leas chances to make it with your second pneumonia and covid after!

  9. Thom Zydervelt says:

    Congrats on your recovery and your narrative about your care. We are glad you are back among the living again. Stay safe and be kind to yourself while you recover.

  10. Stu Jordan says:

    Thank you for sharing. Putting a human face to the crisis will help a lot of people.

    People are so focused on the death rate they forget about all the other effects of this terrible virus.

    As we say in my home country, Kia Kaha!

  11. Huỳnh Minh says:

    In my opinion, you have come here in wrong time. So, you didn’t lucky on this time. But the effect of Covid-19 that be damage with all people in the world not just only you. So, I felt very happy after I read what you say. Be strong sir and believe in humanity in my city. I hope your life will be better in the future. Thanks for your sharing.

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