TP.HCM làm thủ tục trục xuất thêm 40 người nhập cảnh trái phép

Da Nang City police just check, discovered an alien parts are having translated by Covid-19 greatly affect the operation of business , thereby potentially illegal.

The case of organizing people to illegally enter Vietnam has just been brought to first instance trial by the Da Nang City People's Court over the weekend, including 1 Chinese defendant , has raised the problem of predicting bad situations. . This time focusing more on the economic aspect.

Police officer An Hai Bac (Son Tra District) has just discovered 2 Korean families (7 members) are not registered for temporary residence after checking the residence, including the couple Son Hoyeon (75 years old) and Mr. Lee Gijun's family (57 years old).

Working with the ward police, they said they went to Da Nang to travel under the promotion programs of the two countries, then formed a Korean community living and doing business in the coastal area of ​​Da Nang. After that, they opened a small business to serve tourists, but since the beginning of the year until now, the number of tourists has declined sharply due to the Covid-19 influence, so the establishment was sluggish and forced to pay the ground. Having economic difficulties, they have to work for others to stay, so they do not register for temporary residence.
In this situation, the authorities of Son Tra district and An Hai Bac ward provided food, food and necessities for 2 families, and provided temporary residence registration instructions as prescribed.

According to Son Tra District Police, through a general inspection of nearly 500 establishments with foreigners staying in the coastal area of ​​Da Nang, the unit discovered 13 establishments with 33 foreigners not registered temporarily. This review did not detect foreigners who entered illegally, only one Korean violated the law on illegal drug use , but the situation of outsiders (especially Korean people) emerged. ) Previously, service and tourism activities are having difficulty because of Covid-19 translation.

In some cases, there is no money to maintain a business, even without money to pay for the house, to pay for the premises and rent, move in with other foreigners' businesses. Meanwhile, the new "residence" is not a accommodation establishment, violates the law on residence and easily arises other incidents and violations. The police of Son Tra district said that they would petition diplomatic agencies to deal with the case of foreigners facing difficulties, not letting citizens happen because of the difficulty but violate the law.

According to Da Nang City Police, in addition to the case of Chinese people entering illegally (heard at first instance on August 29) and 100 more Chinese people who entered illegally from July 24 to now, the competent forces also discovered 242 foreigners did not declare temporary residency. Major General Vu Xuan Vien, Director of Da Nang City Police, said that he directed districts, especially the local police to check and grasp the situation to advise the district People's Committee to promptly handle, especially the humanitarian issues with foreigners. At the same time, the Immigration Department has been instructed to actively coordinate with the Center for Disease Control in Da Nang City to grasp the situation of Covid-19 testing with these people.

For foreigners in difficulty, Da Nang City police will petition the People's Committee of Da Nang City to work with diplomatic agencies to promptly help their country's citizens, in the immediate future, the local support in life. living. However, in addition to humanitarian work, Da Nang City Police also directed units to strictly punish foreigners not to declare temporary residency and accommodation violations, intentionally abetting foreigners. underground, causing potential instability in security and order.

Regularly check administrative

After a period of tightening management of accommodation facilities such as hotels, motels, inns, homestay …, foreigners in the underground change to rent a house to stay in isolation, making the functional forces at the facility. As residents, it is difficult to spot illegal residents.
Therefore, Da Nang City Police directed professional units to regularly coordinate administrative checks; enhancing solutions to control foreigners in illegal entry and entry.

TP.HCM làm thủ tục trục xuất thêm 40 người nhập cảnh trái phép

40 người nước ngoài nhập cảnh trái phép (có hộ chiếu) đang được Công an TP.HCM phối hợp với Sở Ngoại vụ làm thủ tục trục xuất về nước sau khi đã hoàn thành cách ly phòng Covid-19.

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