While Vietnamese people are celebrating their Independence d…

While Vietnamese people are celebrating their Independence day, I decided to spend the day by the sea in a little known to foreigners resort Sầm Sơn.
I ordered a soup at the local restaurant. I thought, that the soup, judging by the picture, recall the delicious Thai Tom Yam.
It turned out, that it was not a soup, but the noodles with the seafood – Bún Hải Sản.
Fresh calamari, shrimp, tomatoes, herbs, hot peppers, pineapple… So delicious… But what the horror – instant noodles in it.
And then I remembered my student years in Ukraine, when the meals for students, purely for lack of money, were instant noodles "Mivina" – the cheapest and most affordable food.
Well, for someone – to eat, and for someone – a penny into the piggy bank.
Phạm Nhật Vượng was born in a poor Vietnamese family of a soldier and a tea street vendor.
Thanks to his good knowledge of mathematics, he received a scholarship to study abroad from the government.
In 1993, he graduated Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute, where he met his future wife.
Then they moved to Kharkov, Ukraine, where opened a small budget Vietnamese restaurant.
Relatives helped them in this, borrowing about $10,000.
As Vượng recalls – "Ukrainians were very poor and hungry".
It was the time after the collapse of the USSR, when Ukraine embarked on it's independent path.
Having a huge inheritance from the USSR, Ukraine began quickly lose all it, but that's another story.
In 1995, Vượng took out a loan and opened the enterprise "Technokom", began to produce instant noodles under the trademark "Mivina".
This name – "Mivina", by the way, has become a household name for instant noodles in Ukraine.
In 2010, Vượng sold his company "Technocom" to the Corporation "Nestle" for $150,000,000.
Then he invested in his conglomerate of companies "Vingroup", which deals with real estate, retail, entertainment…
Already in 2012, Vượng became the first billionaire in Vietnam and the richest man in the country.
Today, there isn't a single Vietnamese, who doesn't know about the corporation "Vingroup", because encounters it every day.
The corporation is engaged in everything in Vietnam – from the network of ubiquitous shops "Vinmart" to the construction of resort areas and entire cities.
At the end of 2018, prototypes of "VinFast" cars were presented at the Paris Motor Show, and today these cars are driving around Vietnam.
Phạm Nhật Vượng, 51 years old, is currently ranked among the 500 richest people in the World according to Forbes.
Always try be observant and keep learning!
Such is the noodle!

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