With lockdown over in Danang, it’s nice to get out and go fo…

With lockdown over in Danang, it’s nice to get out and go for a drive sometimes. I figured I’d give a shoutout to some of my favorite restaurants to visit in Hoi An, and also ask for your contributions on what Danang folks can see, do and eat during a day trip to our slightly southern sister city.

First and foremost, my favorite restaurant in central Vietnam was ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar. Incredible. Flawlessly executed food every time I went. When the economic situation changed as it did, the owners wisely pivoted towards more of an upscale fast casual concept, now called Urban Fresh. I visited today with high expectations from my previous visits to their old concept, and they more than met them in every way. Everything we ate was wildly delicious and considering the quality of ingredients and precision of execution, the price was an absolute steal. Honestly, surprisingly affordable considering the quality of food they make. Wood fire grilled steak sandwich, amazing Caesar salad, great side dishes, All for about 500k. Really worth the trip in of itself.

My other favorite place to frequent when I come to Hoi An is believe it or not a predominately vegan joint with a yoga studio in the back. I don’t normally seek out vegan fare when traveling, but every time I visit Nourish eatery I’m pleasantly surprised at how good the food is and how full I am when I leave. Their smoothie bowls are world class, and the rest of their food is both delicious and super affordable. Every time I eat here I forget I’m at a vegan place and just genuinely enjoy what is put in front of me. They have non-vegan options available as well. Very very good.

Those recommendations aside, I’m really not much of a Hoi An expert. I usually get lost when driving there, and normally don’t know what to do besides eat good food and drink good coffee. Any other suggestions on what to see, do or eat during a Hoi An day trip? Leave a comment, let myself and others reference this during our next trip!

— in Hội An.

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