Market Tour & Cooking Class

Market Tour & Cooking Class

Learn how to cook Vietnamese cuisine with our highly experienced chefs. You can choose your desired dish selections from a range of traditional Vietnamese dishes, and after cooking you can enjoy  eating your creations. You go to hoi an market with our professional chefs, buying the best materials to cook the dishes you like.
Those dishes become more delicious amd nicer if you use them with Vietnamese steamed rice.
Go to market:10am -11am or 5pm -6pm
Prepare:11am-11:30am or 06pm-06:30pm
Practice: 11:30am-12:30am or 06:30pm-7:30pm
You should buy the materials that are in the menu you have chosen. If you want to buy more materials for cooking, you will pay more.
Don’t hesitate to contact our guest relation desk or front office to book the cooking tour at least 1 day in advance.
Set menu 1

  1. Hoi an spring rolls
  2. Banana flower salad with pork?& shrimp
  3. Fried chicken with sweet & sour
  4. Fish in clay pot

Set menu 2

  1. Fresh spring shrimp roll
  2. Shredded chicken with white cabbage
  3. Wok fried shrimp with cashew nut
  4. Eggplant in clay pot

Set menu 3

  1. Green papaya salad with shrimp
  2. Deep fried spring roll with seafood
  3. Stir fried beef with onion & celery
  4. Fried fish with tomato sauce

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